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Communications of the ACM

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DEPARTMENT: Editorial pointers

Editorial Pointers

DEPARTMENT: News track

News Track



DEPARTMENT: SIG election candidates

SIGs Announce Candidates For Election

COLUMN: Technology strategy and management

Managing Software Development in Globally Distributed Teams

Surveying the basic elements needed for globally distributed teams to function smoothly and efficiently.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Peer to Patent Needs Your Expertise

You can help ensure that computer-related patents are properly reviewed and stop the worthless ones from being granted.
COLUMN: Legally speaking

How to Achieve (Some) Balance in Anti-Circumvention Laws

Should users of technically protected content be able to give notice and require content owners to take down the technical measure to enable fair uses?
COLUMN: ACM annual report for FY07

ACM Annual Report For FY07

Alternate Reality Gaming

Millions update the state of the game on the way to a common conclusion, in one case to help the Operator regain control of a spaceship and bring her crew back to the future.

IT Diffusion in Developing Countries

Policymakers need to recognize that developing economies have different drivers for IT investment than their wealthier brethren.

Are People Biased in Their Use of Search Engines?

Assessing user search behavior when deciding which links to follow in rank-ordered results lists.

Alternative Scenarios to the 'Banner' Years

A test of alternative formats to Web banner ads.

Sharing Knowledge

How managerial prompting, group identification, and social value orientation affect knowledge-sharing behavior.

The Myths and Truths of Wireless Security

Technology will never cure all wireless security ills. It will take a coordinated effort involving corporations, manufacturers, employers, and end users to fight the fight.

Municipal Broadband Wireless Networks

"...people lack many things: jobs, shelter, food, health care and drinkable water. Today, being cut off from basic telecommunications services is a hardship almost as acute as these other deprivations, and may indeed reduce the …

Women and Men in the IT Profession

Fewer women entering IT drives the underrepresentation problem.

Managing Large Collections of Data Mining Models

Data analysts and naive users alike in information-intensive organizations need automated ways to build, analyze, and maintain very large collections of data mining models.
COLUMN: Technical opinion

Record Matching in Digital Library Metadata

Using evidence from external sources to create more accurate matching systems.
COLUMN: Inside risks

Software Transparency and Purity