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Communications of the ACM

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Artificial Intelligence: Past and Future

The most dramatic chess match of the 20th century was the May 1997 rematch between the IBM supercomputer Deep Blue and world champion Garry Kasparov, which Deep Blue won. While this victory was considered by many a triumph for …
DEPARTMENT: Letters to the editor

Software Engineering Is Engineering

I was confounded by the conclusion of Michael Davis's Viewpoint "Will Software Engineering Ever Be Engineering?" (Nov. 2011), mainly because anything I can do in code I can also do in digital hardware, analog hardware, fluidics …

ACM President's Letter

Early in 2011, IEEE Computer Society President Sorel Reisman and I began discussing how IEEE-CS and ACM could work together more cooperatively. We …

ACM's Annual Report

FY11 was a defining year for ACM as the largest educational and scientific computing society in the world. Many of the initiatives we have set forth over the last few years have taken root and we now see tangible evidence of …

Understanding CS1 Students; Defective Software

Mark Guzdial writes about why teachers must grasp introductory CS students' theories about computing. Bertrand Meyer argues for the necessity of analyzing large-scale software disasters and publishing a detailed technical study …

eBooks Will Abound in the ACM Digital Library

ACM is preparing to offer a new and exciting member benefit for 2012; eBooks accessible via the ACM Digital Library! Expanding the eBooks Collections in the ACM Learning Center, ACM will make available full-text versions of eBook …

Better Medicine Through Machine Learning

Computers that tease out patterns from clinical data could improve patient diagnosis and care.

Revamping Storage Performance

Great strides are being made in finding fast alternatives to the slow disks that dominate storage systems, but fast media are not nearly enough.

Law and Disorder

International law has always been a murky and Byzantine area. However, the Internet and digital technology have raised the stakes, the risks, and the challenges.

Celebration Time

The centennial celebrations of Alan Turing's birth might help turn a quiet British genius into an iconic global hero.

Analyzing Apple Products

Researchers untangle the complex web of Apple's global supply chain — and offer lessons for managers and policymakers trying to chart the future course of U.S. industry.

John McCarthy, 1927 - 2011

Winner of the 1971 A.M. Turing Award, John McCarthy was a founder of artificial intelligence and inventor of the Lisp programming language.
COLUMN: Law and technology

The Yin and Yang of Copyright and Technology

Examining the recurring conflicts between copyright and technology from piano rolls to domain-name filtering.
COLUMN: The business of software

The Difference Engine

Observations on cognitive diversity and team performance.
COLUMN: Historical reflections

The IBM PC: From Beige Box to Industry Standard

Looking back at three decades of PC platform evolution.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Interfaces For the Ordinary User: Can We Hide Too Much?

Increasing the visibility and access to underlying file structure on consumer devices can vastly improve the user experience.
COLUMN: Interview

An Interview with Stephen A. Cook

Stephen A. Cook, winner of the 1982 A.M. Turing Award, reflects on his career.
SECTION: Practice

Creating Languages in Racket

Sometimes you just have to make a better mousetrap.

Bufferbloat: Dark Buffers in the Internet

Networks without effective AQM may again be vulnerable to congestion collapse.

I/O Virtualization

Decoupling a logical device from its physical implementation offers many compelling advantages.
SECTION: Contributed articles

The State of Phishing Attacks

Looking past the systems people use, they target the people using the systems.

Flexible Experimentation in Wireless Sensor Networks

Virtual testbeds model them by seamlessly integrating physical, simulated, and emulated sensor nodes and radios in real time.

Long-Term Confidentiality of PKI

How to guarantee files encrypted and transmitted today stay confidential for years to come.
SECTION: Review articles

(Computer) Vision Without Sight

Computer vision holds the key for the blind or visually impaired to explore the visual world.
SECTION: Research highlights

Technical Perspective: Where Do People Draw Lines?

Computer graphics once focused exclusively on realism. The field eventually broadened to include other pictorial styles. The breadth of situations in which line drawings are …

Where Do People Draw Lines?

This paper presents the results of a study in which artists made line drawings intended to convey specific 3D shapes.

Technical Perspective: Content-Centric Networking

Much has changed in the 50 years since the invention of packet switching and the early network designs and deployments that would evolve into today's Internet. The designs …

Networking Named Content

Current network use is dominated by content distribution and retrieval yet current networking protocols are designed for conversations between hosts. We present Content-Centric Networking which uses content chunks as a primitive …
COLUMN: Last byte

Future Tense: The Near Cloud

Wish I never pulled the plug…