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Communications of the ACM

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European Women in Computing

Two years ago, the ACM Europe Council formed ACM-WE to sponsor European initiatives for women in computing.

Responsible Programming

Welcome to "Cerf's Up!" I am grateful for Editor-in-Chief Moshe Vardi's invitation to continue writing for Communications; this column succeeds the "From the President" column I penned during my service to ACM in that role.
DEPARTMENT: Letters to the Editor

Snowden Weak Link: Copying to USB Device

I wish reality were as simple as Bob Toxen made it out to be in his article "The NSA and Snowden: Securing the All-Seeing Eye" (May 2014).

The Difficulty of Teaching Programming Languages, and the Benefits of Hands-on Learning

Mark Guzdial considers the "poor learnability" of programming languages, while Philip Guo enumerates some practical benefits to working in a CS lab.

Big Data Meets Big Science

Next-generation scientific instruments are forcing researchers to question the limits of massively parallel computing.

Robots Compete in Disaster Scenarios

The DARPA Robotics Challenge pitted teams from around the world against each other in a series of disaster-themed tasks.

Holographic Projection Systems Provide Eternal Life

Optical tricks help deceased entertainers keep on performing.
COLUMN: Legally speaking

Watching TV on Internet-Connected Devices

The ABC vs. Aereo case has potentially far-reaching consequences.
COLUMN: Computing ethics

Toward a Pedagogy of Ethical Practice

Teaching computing ethics in a manner that allows students to address both abstract ethical knowledge and actual ethical practice.
COLUMN: Technology strategy and management

The Business of the State

Considering the opportunities and challenges for commercial firms involved with government business process outsourcing.
COLUMN: Broadening participation

That Classroom 'Magic'

Effective teaching practices for broadening participation in computer science.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Structural Challenges and the Need to Adapt

Broadening the conversation about scholars and scholarship in computing and information research.

Licensing Professional Software Engineers: Seize the Opportunity

Professional organizations should be in the forefront of the ongoing discussion about licensing professional software engineers.
SECTION: Practice

Who Must You Trust?

You must have some trust if you want to get anything done.

Automated QA Testing at Electronic Arts

A discussion with Michael Donat, Jafar Husain, and Terry Coatta

Finding More Than One Worm in the Apple

If you see something, say something.
SECTION: Contributed articles

Community Sense and Response Systems: Your Phone as Quake Detector

The Caltech CSN project collects sensor data from thousands of personal devices for real-time response to dangerous earthquakes.

The Rise of RaaS: The Resource-as-a-Service Cloud

In the RaaS cloud, virtual machines trade in fine-grain resources on the fly.
SECTION: Review articles

Big Data and Its Technical Challenges

Exploring the inherent technical challenges in realizing the potential of Big Data.
SECTION: Research highlights

Technical Perspective: The Power of Joint Multiuser Beamforming

Having multiple Wi-Fi Access Points with an overlapping coverage area operating on the same frequency may not be a problem anymore.

JMB: Scaling Wireless Capacity with User Demands

JMB, a joint multiuser beamforming system, enables independent access points (APs) to beamform their signals and communicate with their clients on the same channel as if they were one large MIMO transmitter.
COLUMN: Last byte

Future Tense: The Chatbot and the Drone

Autonomous or not, design is destiny.