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Communications of the ACM

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DEPARTMENT: Department: Editor's letter


Large-scale funding enables examination of larger questions that cross problem spaces, systems, abstractions, even fields. I believe the need for large investments has never been greater.

The Sound of Programming

Bootstrap World has developed online courses in programming, among other subjects, but what makes Bootstrap World so memorable for me is that the team has focused heavily on accessibility.
DEPARTMENT: Departments

Open Access and ACM

ACM is under significant pressure to move from a subscription-based to an open access publishing model. Such a transition is exceedingly challenging and would threaten ACM's financial viability, a risk that must be taken seriously …
DEPARTMENT: Letters to the editor

Predicting Failure of the University

Henry C. Lucas, Jr.'s Viewpoint "Technology and the Failure of the University" (Jan. 2018) was a tour de force of unfounded assertions.

Fostering Inclusion, Keeping the Net Neutral

ACM-W chair Jodi Tims offers ways everyone can promote inclusiveness, while Daniel A. Reed assesses the debate over Net neutrality.

Always Out of Balance

Computational theorists prove there is no easy algorithm to find Nash equilibria, so game theory will have to look in new directions.

Chips for Artificial Intelligence

Companies are racing to develop hardware that more directly empowers deep learning.

Artificial (Emotional) Intelligence

Enabled by advances in computing power and neural networks, machines are getting better at recognizing and dealing with human emotions.
COLUMN: Technology strategy and management

Business Ecosystems: How Do They Matter for Innovation?

Considering the significant interrelationship of innovation, corporate strategy, and public policy for business ecosystems.
COLUMN: Kode vicious

Popping Kernels

Choosing between programming in the kernel or in user space.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Push Versus Pull

Flipping the publishing business model.

Smartphones, Contents of the Mind, and the Fifth Amendment

Exploring the connection qualities between smartphones and their users.
SECTION: Practice

DevOps Delivers

The DevOps methodology has come of age in the past several years, and organizations are adopting key DevOps practices to transform their software practices.

Continuous Delivery Sounds Great, but Will It Work Here?

It's not magic, it just requires continuous, daily improvement at all levels.

Containers Will Not Fix Your Broken Culture (and Other Hard Truths)

Complex socio-technical systems are hard; film at 11.

DevOps Metrics

Your biggest mistake might be collecting the wrong data.
SECTION: Contributed articles

Building a Smart City: Lessons from Barcelona

Smart Internet-based infrastructure is one thing but will be ignored without the public's continuing engagement.

Lessons from Building Static Analysis Tools at Google

For a static analysis project to succeed, developers must feel they benefit from and enjoy using it.

Realizing the Potential of Data Science

Data science promises new insights, helping transform information into knowledge that can drive science and industry.
SECTION: Review articles

Bridgeware: The Air-Gap Malware

The challenge of combatting malware designed to breach air-gap isolation in order to leak data.
SECTION: Research highlights

Technical Perspective: Expressive Probabilistic Models and Scalable Method of Moments

The authors of "Learning Topic Models—Provably and Efficiently," developed a new method for fitting topic models and at large scale.

Learning Topic Models - Provably and Efficiently

This article shows that some new theoretical algorithms that have provable guarantees can be adapted to yield highly practical tools for topic modeling.
COLUMN: Last byte

Finding October

Two teams, blue and red, play a game in which Red has a submarine we call October, as in Tom Clancy's novel The Hunt for Red October.