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Communications of the ACM

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Program Verification: Vision and Reality

In 1969, Tony Hoare wrote in "An Axiomatic Basis for Computer Programming" about mathematical certainty, great reliance, and confidence. In retrospect, the hope for "mathematical certainty" was idealized, and not fully realistic …
DEPARTMENT: Career paths in computing: Computing enabled me to …

Obtain a Ph.D. and a Career in Data

Innovative new approaches to learning are enabling people to gain skills that are vital in today's workplace.
DEPARTMENT: Editor's letter

Two Sides of the Software Engineering Coin

Two columns from the January 2021 Communications: Michael A. Cusumano's "Technology Strategy and Management" and Thomas Haigh's "Historical Reflections," offer a stark contrast with respect to the engineering profession.

Securing Seabed Cybersecurity, Emphasizing Intelligence Augmentation

John Arquilla considers the outlook for undersea cyberwar, while Judi Fusco, Pati Ruiz, and Jeremy Roschelle discuss how building equitable applications in education requires an emphasis on augmenting intelligence.

Formal Software Verification Measures Up

Verified coding techniques use mathematical proofs to ensure code is error-free and hacker-resistant. Can the approach revolutionize software?

A Battery-Free Internet of Things

The Internet of Things can thrive without hardwired or consumable power sources.

The Future of Supply Chains

Droids, drones, and driverless technologies are fueling a supply chain revolution.

Charles M. Geschke (1939-2021)

Charles M. Geschke helped create the modern world of computing, where beautiful typography and expressive, artistic graphics are as integral to most users' experience as numbers and text.
COLUMN: Legally speaking

Reimplementing Software Interfaces Is Fair Use

A multifactored rationale for denying Oracle's claim against Google.
COLUMN: Privacy

Lessons From the Loo

Illustrating privacy concepts with potty talk.
COLUMN: Computing ethics

Responsible Computing During COVID-19 and Beyond

Navigating the ethical and societal impacts of technologies.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

The Limits of Differential Privacy (and Its Misuse in Data Release and Machine Learning)

Differential privacy is not a silver bullet for all privacy problems.

Why Computing Students Should Contribute to Open Source Software Projects

Acquiring developer-prized practical skills, knowledge, and experiences.

The 2021 Software Developer Shortage Is Coming

Companies must address the difficulty of hiring and retaining high-skilled employees from an increasingly smaller labor supply.
SECTION: Practice

Application Frameworks

While powerful, frameworks are not for everyone.

Always-on Time-Series Database: Keeping Up Where There's No Way to Catch Up

A discussion with Theo Schlossnagle, Justin Sheehy, and Chris McCubbin.
SECTION: Turing lecture

Deep Learning for AI

How can neural networks learn the rich internal representations required for difficult tasks such as recognizing objects or understanding language?
SECTION: Contributed articles

The Harm in Conflating Aging With Accessibility

Including older adults as full stakeholders in digital society.

Flexible Work and Personal Digital Infrastructures

PDIs are emerging as alternative sociotechnical infrastructures to enhance flexible work arrangments.
SECTION: Review articles

Spatial Concepts in the Conversation With a Computer

Conversing about places with a computer poses a range of challenges to current AI.
SECTION: Research highlights

Technical Perspective: An Elegant Model for Deriving Equations

"Deriving Equations from Sensor Data Using Dimensional Function Synthesis," by Vasileios Tsoutsouras, et al., addresses the key problem of discovering relationships that hold between physical quantities from data using dimensional …

Deriving Equations from Sensor Data Using Dimensional Function Synthesis

We present a new method, which we call dimensional function synthesis, for deriving functions that model the relationship between multiple signals in a physical system.

Technical Perspective: Tracking Pandemic-Driven Internet Traffic

"A Year in Lockdown," by Anja Feldmann, et al., offers a detailed look at how Internet traffic changed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Year in Lockdown: How the Waves of COVID-19 Impact Internet Traffic

We review the impact of the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic on Internet traffic in order to analyze its performance.
COLUMN: Last byte

String Me Along

Seeking the ever-elusive shortest path.