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Communications of the ACM

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Ethics and Values in the ACM Awards Program

The new Policy for Honors Conferred by ACM and its associated procedures address two overarching issues with respect to awards, and addresses the very serious matter of award revocation.

How Do I Rely on Thee, Smartphone?

The smartphone has become the Swiss Army knife of computing and communication. However, there are some downsides to this cornucopia of utility wrapped up in a pocket-sized device.

The Trouble with Facebook

Jason Hong considers how computer scientists, technologists could help guide regulation of the social media giant.

Solving for Why

A focus on causality is promising to help researchers overcome shortcomings that have bedeviled more traditional approaches to artificial intelligence.

Virtual Duplicates

Digital twins aim to model reality so we can see how it changes.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Fight Against World Hunger

Advancements in AI, machine learning, and next-gen technologies are transforming the fight against world hunger.
COLUMN: Education

The Lives of Hidden Figures Matter in Computer Science Education

"I cannot work on what I cannot see . . ." —Katherine Goble, Hidden Figures
COLUMN: Kode Vicious

I Unplugged What?

The lessons here are broader than just a simple "Don't do that."
COLUMN: Historical Reflections

Becoming Universal

A new history of modern computing.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Is Your Autonomous Vehicle as Smart as You Expected?

Suggesting a better route to evaluate autonomous vehicles' smartness.

Data Science Meets Law

Learning Responsible AI together.

A Brave New World of Mediated Online Discourse

Is artificial intelligence up to the task of managing online discourse in social networks?
SECTION: Practice

Static Analysis at GitHub

An experience report.

Designing UIs for Static-Analysis Tools

Evaluating tool design guidelines with SWAN.
SECTION: Contributed articles

Reimagining Chess with AlphaZero

AI is driving the next evolution of chess, giving players a glimpse into the game's future.

How Topic Novelty Impacts the Effectiveness of News Veracity Interventions

Can algorithmic advice override preconceived notions and the believability of fake news?
SECTION: Turing lecture

Abstractions, Their Algorithms, and Their Compilers

Jeffrey D. Ullman and Alfred V. Aho are recipients of the 2020 ACM A.M. Turing award. They were recognized for creating fundamental algorithms and theory underlying programming language implementation and for synthesizing these …
SECTION: Review articles

Preserving Integrity in Online Social Networks

The recent progress and ongoing problems of keeping online platforms and their users safe from malicious activities.
SECTION: Research highlights

Technical Perspective: Personalized Recommendation of PoIs to People with Autism

"Supporting People with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Exploration of PoIs" is an example of work that takes seriously the task of supporting a small group that is not well served by existing recommender systems.

Supporting People with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the Exploration of PoIs: An Inclusive Recommender System

We propose a novel Top-N recommendation model that combines information about an autistic user's idiosyncratic aversions with her/his preferences in a personalized way.

Technical Perspective: Model Structure Takes Guesswork Out of State Estimation

"Worst-Case Topological Entropy and Minimal Data Rate for State Estimation of Switched Linear Systems" gives a method for computing the topological entropy of a broad class of systems called switched linear systems.

Worst-Case Topological Entropy and Minimal Data Rate for State Estimation of Switched Linear Systems

In this paper, we study the problem of estimating the state of a switched linear system when the observation of the system is subject to communication constraints.
COLUMN: Last byte

Agent Invisible

FBI agents Saskia Lipcott and Dinah Carter are forced to deal with Dupin, the agency's rogue crime-fighting computer that is out to get them.