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Communications of the ACM

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The Dilemma of Scale

The barriers to information generation and sharing have plummeted; information consumers can choose among billions of potential sources. This is information at scale.

Controlling AI

Gary Marcus considers it appropriate that governments are stepping up on artificial intelligence, but finds some of the resulting signals deeply worrisome.

Biomedical Digital Twins

Considering the transformative possibilities of simulated models of biological phenomena and systems at multiple scales.

The Fight to Repair

How the battle over the right to repair is tipping in favor of consumers.

Using Psychology to Bolster Cybersecurity

Getting into the minds of attackers to protect the enterprise.
COLUMN: Technology Strategy and Management

Generative AI as a New Innovation Platform

Considering the stability and longevity of a potential new foundational technology.
COLUMN: Inside Risks

Certification of Safety-Critical Systems

Seeking new approaches toward ensuring the safety of software-intensive systems.
COLUMN: Kode Vicious

Stone Knives and Bear Skins

There is no money in tools.
COLUMN: Opinion

Barbershop Computing

Moving education beyond computer science pipelines.

How Software Stifles Competition and Innovation

Factoring the slowing up of startups.

New Threats to Society from Free-Speech Social Media Platforms

Understanding emerging threats from social media platforms.

It Is Time to Let Go of 'Virtual Reality'

Advocating standardized terminology and reporting guidelines for mixed reality research.
SECTION: Practice

Designing a Framework for Conversational Interfaces

Combining the latest advances in machine learning with earlier approaches.

Beyond the Repository

Best practices for open source ecosystems researchers.
SECTION: Research

Beyond Deep Fakes

A conceptual framework and research agenda for neural rendering of realistic digital faces.

Show It or Tell It? Text, Visualization, and Their Combination

When communicating information, language should be considered as co-equal with visualization.

Low-Code Programming Models

Low-code has the potential to empower more people to automate tasks by creating computer programs.

Generating and Exploiting Automated Reasoning Proof Certificates

Moving toward a full suite of proof-producing automated reasoning tools with SMT solvers that can produce full, independently checkable proofs for real-world problems.
SECTION: Research Highlights

Technical Perspective: A Rare Glimpse of Tracking Fake Reviews

"Leveraging Social Media to Buy Fake Reviews," by Sherry He et al., represents a breakthrough in our empirical understanding of fake reviews on Amazon.

Leveraging Social Media to Buy Fake Reviews

We study the market for fake product reviews on

Technical Perspective: Sensing Interaction with Everyday Objects Using Near-Field Communication in Textiles

"Locating Everyday Objects Using NFC Textiles," by Jingxian Wang et al., describes the potential of Near-Field Communication for advanced home automation.

Locating Everyday Objects Using NFC Textiles

This paper builds a Near-Field Communication-based localization system that allows ordinary surfaces to locate surrounding objects with high accuracy in the near-field.
COLUMN: Last Byte

Tidy Towers

A tale of two towers.