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Communications of the ACM

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DEPARTMENT: Departments

What Came First, Math or Computing?

One of the most fundamental conundrums in the philosophy of mathematics is the question of whether mathematics was discovered by humans or invented by them.

Lessons from PL/I: A Most Ambitious Programming Language

PL/I stands for Programming Language 1, and its aim was to be the Highlander of programming languages.

Quantum Speedup for the Fast Fourier Transform?

It is difficult to improve on the widely used, already-efficient algorithm.

What's Old Is New Again

Analog computing offers one possible solution to the downsides of digital computing.

Accessibility and Inclusion through Technology

Helping the sensory-impaired overcome their impediments.
COLUMN: Legally Speaking

Legal Challenges to Generative AI, Part II

Deliberating on inconclusive AI-generated policy questions.
COLUMN: Opinion

On Being a Computer Science Communicator

Facilitating more effective public engagement with a computer science perspective.
COLUMN: Economic and Business Dimensions

The Gamification of Academia

Gaming the system.
COLUMN: Opinion

Machine Learning Sensors

A design paradigm for the future of intelligent sensors.
COLUMN: Privacy

Privacy in the Age of AI

What has changed and what should we do about it?
COLUMN: Opinion

The Infrapolitics of Algorithmic Resistance

Exploring the complex interactions between humans and machines governed by algorithms.

Rethinking Conference Formats

Suggesting a conference format better suited for both onsite and virtual conferences.
SECTION: Practice

Echoes of Intelligence

Textual interpretation and large language models.

DevEX: What Actually Drives Productivity?

The developer-centric approach to measuring and improving productivity.
SECTION: Research

Scrambled Features for Breakfast: Concepts of Agile Language Development

Describing a framework to support simpler development of languages best suited to express the problems and solutions of each particular domain.

Informatics Higher Education in Europe: A Data Portal and Case Study

A discussion on the need for coordinated, governed, data-driven computing education initiatives of the future.

Is TinyML Sustainable?

Assessing the environmental impacts of machine learning on microcontrollers.

Uncloneable Cryptography

In memory of Stephen Wiesner, 1942–2021.
SECTION: Research Highlights

Technical Perspective: What's All the Fuss about Fuzzing?

"Boosting Fuzzer Efficiency: An Information Theoretic Perspective," by Marcel Böhme, Valentin J.M. Manès, and Sang Kil Cha, presents a novel twist to fuzzing that is shown to increase the central metric of the number of bugs …

Boosting Fuzzer Efficiency: An Information Theoretic Perspective

In this paper, we take the fundamental perspective of fuzzing as a learning process.
COLUMN: Last Byte

How Climate Change Was Won

A Martian report from the future carries good news about the future of Earth.