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Communications of the ACM

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On Expert Testimony

The role of ACM members, as professionals in the computing realm, makes them candidates for the provision of expert testimony in both criminal and civil judicial proceedings.

Comparing Chatbots Trained in Different Languages

Antony Chayka and Andrei Sukhov examine how training chatbots in English or Russian affects their responses.

Tales of Topological Qubits

Emulating the behavior of exotic quantum states may give quantum computing a better way of squeezing out troublesome noise and errors.

Saving Digital Libraries and the Internet Archive

A battle over "truth and who has access to it in the digital age."

Revamping Python for an AI World

Mojo has the same syntax as Python, but runs up to 35,000 times faster.
COLUMN: Opinion

Thus Spake ChatGPT

On the reliability of AI-based chatbots for science communication.

Why Is the Current XAI Not Meeting the Expectations?

Seeking better explanations for how algorithmic decisions are made.
COLUMN: The Profession of IT

A Clash of Civilizations

The much-sought holy grail of more and faster innovation will come from integrating pipeline thinking and adoption thinking.
COLUMN: Kode Vicious

Halfway Around the World

Learn the language, meet the people, eat the food.
COLUMN: Opinion

A Strategy for Scaling Advanced Analytics

Key elements for scaling advanced analytics.

Five Ways Executives Misunderstand Technology

How executives might better understand technology.
COLUMN: Historical Reflections

There Was No 'First AI Winter'

Despite challenges and failures, the artificial intelligence community grew steadily during the 1970s.
SECTION: Practice

Pointers in Far Memory

Rethinking how data and computations should be organized.

How Flexible Is CXL's Memory Protection?

Replacing a sledgehammer with a scalpel.
SECTION: Research

Data Analytics Anywhere and Everywhere

Mobile, ubiquitous, and immersive computing appear poised to transform visualization, data science, and data-driven decision making.

Theoretical Analysis of Edit Distance Algorithms

To what extent have the techniques for theoretical analysis of edit distance algorithms achieved their goals?

When Two Cameras Are a Crowd

Understanding and handling interference across multiple active cameras.
SECTION: Research Highlights

Technical Perspective: Maximum Flow through a Network: A Storied Problem and a Groundbreaking Solution

"Almost-Linear-Time Algorithms for Maximum Flow and Minimum-Cost Flow," by Li Chen et al., comes within striking distance of answering the question: "Does maximum flow have a scalable algorithm?"

Almost-Linear-Time Algorithms for Maximum Flow and Minimum-Cost Flow

We present an algorithm that computes exact maximum flows and minimum-cost flows on directed graphs with m edges and polynomially bounded integral demands, costs, and capacities in m1+o(1) time.
COLUMN: Last Byte

Ulterior Motives

2023-2024 ACM Athena Lecturer Margo Seltzer recalls the motivations behind the development of the Berkeley DB database software library, and other achievements during her career.