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Communications of the ACM

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Scaffolding as Catalyst

As with the huge hotel and condo complex being constructed adjacent to the building where my office is located, tools for building new systems often require temporary scaffolding to reach the point where the intended system can …

Hoping for the Best as AI Evolves

Gary Marcus on the systems that "pose a real and imminent threat to the fabric of society."

Artificial Intelligence for Materials Discovery

Finding novel materials needs more than pure machine learning.

AI Rewrites Coding

Even as software grows increasingly complex, artificial intelligence helps to simplify and automate coding tasks.

. . . And the Computer Plays Along

Software can improvise on the spot to accompany the performance of live musicians.
DEPARTMENT: ACM Publications Finances

ACM Publications Finances for 2021

One requirement for ACM's multiyear transition to become a fully Open Access publisher is to develop and implement a sustainability plan to ensure ACM Publications continues to operate at a high level with the quality of its …
COLUMN: Technology Strategy and Management

Contracting for Artificial Intelligence

Considering the promises and perils of contracting for the use of artificial intelligence tools and data.
COLUMN: Kode Vicious

All Sliders to the Right

Hardware overkill.
COLUMN: Economic and Business Dimensions

Improving Section 230, Preserving Democracy, and Protecting Free Speech

Proposing a framework for a decentralized market where no one party controls the flow of information.
COLUMN: Viewpoint

Where Is the Research on Cryptographic Transition and Agility?

Gaps facing the industry as quantum safe algorithms move closer to standardization.

Cyber Efficiency and Cyber Resilience

Complementary objectives competing for the same resources.

Faculty Can Save Lives of the Elderly

A unique viewpoint on risks to senior citizens from academia.
SECTION: Practice

OCCAM-v2: Combining Static and Dynamic Analysis for Effective and Efficient Whole-Program Specialization

Leveraging scalable pointer analysis, value analysis, and dynamic analysis.

OSS Supply-Chain Security: What Will It Take?

A discussion with Maya Kaczorowski, Falcon Momot, George Neville-Neil, and Chris McCubbin
SECTION: Contributed Articles

Protecting Autonomous Cars from Phantom Attacks

Enabling object detectors to better distinguish between real and fake objects in semi-autonomous and fully autonomous vehicles.

Eight Reasons to Prioritize Brain-Computer Interface Cybersecurity

Defining and analyzing the impact of cyberattacks on novel generations of BCIs.
SECTION: Review Articles

Mechanical Mathematicians

A new generation of automatic theorem provers eliminate bugs in software and mathematics.
SECTION: Research Highlights

Technical Perspective: On Abstractions and Embedded Networks

"Symbol-Synchronous Buses," by Jonathan Oostvogels et al., conceives a notion of a symbol-synchronous bus, which effectively makes a multi-hop wireless network behave like a single wire.

Symbol-Synchronous Buses: Deterministic, Low-Latency Wireless Mesh Networking with LEDs

We describe a novel networking paradigm that aims to enable a new class of latency-sensitive applications by systematically breaking networking abstractions.
COLUMN: Last Byte

Cooperation in the Commons

Seeking a solution to a bovine calculation situation.