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Communications of the ACM

Table of Contents

DEPARTMENT: Departments

To Regulate Tech, Nullify Click-Through Contracts

It is time to cut the Gordian knot and nullify, legislatively, all click-through agreements.
DEPARTMENT: Career Paths in Computing

Finding the Right Mix of Creativity and Technology

The original Star Wars and The Matrix were pivotal influences in igniting my unshakable fascination with technology-driven creativity.

A Year Embedded in the Crypto-NFT Space

Carlos Baquero investigates cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens.

Historic Algorithms Help Unlock Shortest-Path Problem Breakthrough

By revisiting key algorithms from computing, a team unlocked hidden efficiency in a long-standing computer science problem.

Shining a Light on the Dark Web

How the Dark Web continues to operate, and why law enforcement will not shut it down anytime soon.

Distilling What We Know

Researchers look to cut large GPT models down to size.
COLUMN: Law and Technology

Closing Our Digital Divides

Seeking a more efficient path to improved broadband Internet access.
COLUMN: Security

Coming of Age

Stressing the importance of threat models.
COLUMN: The Profession of IT

The Smallness of Large Language Models

There is so much more to language and human beings than large language models can possibly master.
COLUMN: Opinion

Dilemma of the Artificial Intelligence Regulatory Landscape

Navigating the complex and varying AI regulatory landscape.

We Need to Focus on How Our Data Is Used, Not Just How It Is Shared

Toward better understanding of the different ways data circulates between users and platforms.

Rebutting Rebuttals

Evaluating the impact of the conference review rebuttal process.

Can Crowdsourcing Rescue the Social Marketplace of Ideas?

How collaborative designs and community-based moderation could improve social media.
SECTION: Practice

Cargo Cult AI

Is the ability to think scientifically the defining essence of intelligence?

Research for Practice: OS Scheduling

Better scheduling policies for modern computing systems.
SECTION: Research

Heads-Up Computing

Developing tools that better complement natural human capabilities to support a more human-centered vision.

Dynamic Certification for Autonomous Systems

An attempt to provide a common language between formal models, simulations, real-world (testing) data, and regulatory mechanisms.

Humble AI

An effort to bring artificial intelligence into better alignment with our moral aims and finally realize the vision of superior decision making through AI.

Serverless Computing

Dispelling the confusion around serverless computing by capturing its essential and conceptual characteristics.
SECTION: Research Highlights

Technical Perspective: Tapping the Link between Algorithmic Model Counting and Streaming

"Model Counting Meets Distinct Elements," by A. Pavan et al., gives a surprising connection between model counting and streaming, providing a generic transformation of data stream algorithms for F0 estimation to algorithms for …

Model Counting Meets Distinct Elements

In this work, we seek to investigate whether bridging the seeming communication gap between two different domains of computer science may pave the way to richer fundamental insights.
COLUMN: Last Byte

How Many Ways Can You Teach a Robot?

ACM Prize recipient Pieter Abbeel is working to help robots learn, and learn to improve.