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To Create a Robot With Common Sense, Mimic a Toddler

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A toddler robot.

A new robot mimics the common sense of a three-year-old person, as a step towards developing Artificial Intelligence that surpasses the intelligence of humans.


Artificial intelligence (AI) researcher Ben Goertzel is creating a robot called Adam Z1 that mimics that common sense of a three-year-old person, which he hopes will lead to the development of AI that surpasses human intelligence.

Goertzel's goal is for the robot to be capable of creative play in the manner of a toddler, so that it can, for example, build something using foam blocks that the user has not seen before.

"Once we get an AI with basic common sense, you can hybridize with existing narrow software," Goertzel says. "By putting the two together, you are going to get a whole new kind of artificial general intelligence expert--good at solving specialized problems, but in a way that uses contextual understanding."

Goertzel notes that his open source AI project OpenCog is unique because it uses an architecture for general intelligence that incorporates all of the heterogeneous aspects of the human mind, whereas most projects focus on a single algorithm.

The Adam Z1 robot will be a Hanson robot with an expressive face. "In terms of social interactions, it is valuable to have a robot that can convey emotions and desires," Goertzel says. "He needs to learn from people: the more engaged they are, the better data they will give to power his learning."

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