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New Quantum Materials Offer Novel Route to 3D Electronic Devices

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With suitable local manipulation of material parameters, one can tailor carrier motion and design novel electronic devices such as the electron lens, which focuses incoming carriers.

Researchers have shown how the principles of general relativity open the door to novel electronic applications.

Credit: Academy of Finland

Researchers at Aalto University in Finland have demonstrated how the principles of general relativity can open a pathway to novel electronic applications such as a three-dimensional electron lens and electronic invisibility devices.

The researchers have proposed a new method to go beyond special relativity and simulate Einstein's theory of general relativity in inhomogeneous Weyl semimetals, a hypothesis that combines ideas from solid-state physics, particle physics, and cosmology and leads to the fabrication of metallic designer materials in which charge carriers move in the manner of particles in curved space-time.

The researchers propose Weyl metamaterials, a generalization of Weyl semimetals that enable new types of electronic devices through geometry engineering.

"The systems we introduced offer a route to make the charge carriers move as if they were living in a curved geometry, providing a tabletop laboratory for simulating curved-space quantum physics and certain cosmological phenomena," says Aalto University researcher Alex Weststrom.

From Academy of Finland
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