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'Smart Dew' Motes Serve as Invisible Security Guards

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Tel Aviv University researchers have developed Smart Dew, tiny sensors as small as dewdrops that can be arranged in a network. The inexpensive sensors are equipped with a controller and a radio-frequency transmitter/receiver. Tel Aviv University professor Yoram Shapira says a Smart Dew network has no scale limitations, which would make it useful on farms or boarders where it would be too difficult and impractical to install fences or constantly send patrols. "Most people could never afford the manpower to guard such large properties," Shapira says. "Instead, we've created this Smart Dew to do the work. It's invisible to an intruder, and can provide an alarm that someone has entered the premises."

Each sensor can detect an intrusion within a parameter of 50 meters at a cost of about 25 cents per sensor. A major benefit of Smart Dew is that it is nearly impossible to see. "Smart Dew is a covert monitoring system," Shapira says. "Because the sensors in the Smart Dew wireless network are so small, you would need bionic vision to notice them." Each Smart Dew sensor can be programmed to monitor a different condition. The sensors can detect the presence of metal, sounds, temperature changes, carbon monoxide emissions, vibrations, or light. Each sensor sends a radio signal to a base station, which collects and analyzes the data.

From American Friends of Tel Aviv University
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