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Top ACM TechNews articles of 2019

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Three times each week, ACM provides timely coverage of established and emerging areas of computer science, the latest trends in information technology, and related science, technology, engineering, and mathematics news to a global audience of more than 110,000 readers, in the form of ACM TechNews . A benefit of ACM membership, ACM TechNews is assembled from hundreds of relevant English-language technology publications from all over the world, in order to help keep ACM's members informed on a wide range of technology topics.

ACM tracks readers' usage of the dozen or so links in each ACM TechNews edition that provide access to the full texts of each of ACM TechNews article abstract, in order to stay on top of readers' topic preferences. We use that capability to dig through the data to determine which of the more than 2,500 article abstracts delivered during the course of 2019 were most popular with readers, based on the numbers of clicks each received.

Looking at the 10 most clicked-on ACM TechNews articles during the course of 2019, one of the most popular topics appears, once again, to be programming and programming languages. Other topics of major interest include artificial intelligence, computer literacy, and drones/robots.

The most popular ACM TechNews article abstract clicked on last year was in the Wednesday, March 20 edition; the link took readers to the full text of the article "Prisoners in England to Be Taught to Code" published on the BBC News site on March 15.

The 10 most frequently clicked-on content links in ACM TechNews during 2019 were:


Rank Article Publication Date URL
1 Prisoners in England to be taught code BBC News March 15, 2019
2 This A.I. Birdwatcher Lets You ‘See’ Through the Eyes of a Machine Duke Today August 2, 2018
3 New Printer Creates Extremely Realistic Colorful Holograms The Optical Society October 31, 2019
4 International Study Finds Major Inequities in Computer Literacy Education Week November 5, 2019
5 The Top Programming Languages 2019 IEEE Spectrum September 6, 2019
6 RoboBee powered by soft muscles Harvard John A Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences News & Events November 4, 2019
7 Get There Before an Ambulance Can IEEE Spectrum October 31, 2019
8 Intuitive in the Virtual Reality Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf October 29, 2019
9 Better autonomous “reasoning” at tricky intersections MIT News November 4, 2019
10 What Programming Languages Engineers and Employers Love—and Hate IEEE Spectrum March 6, 2019


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Lawrence M. Fisher is Senior Editor/News for ACM Magazines.


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