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You Can’t Spell Creative Without A.I.

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Can artificial intelligence be used to enhance, or substitute for, human creativity?

Credit: Todd St. John

Steve Jobs once described personal computing as a "bicycle for the mind."

His idea that computers can be used as "intelligence amplifiers" that offer an important boost for human creativity is now being given an immediate test in the face of the coronavirus.

In March, a group of artificial intelligence research groups and the National Library of Medicine announced that they had organized the world's scientific research papers about the virus so the documents, more than 44,000 articles, could be explored in new ways using a machine-learning program designed to help scientists see patterns and find relationships to aid research.

"This is a chance for artificial intelligence," said Oren Etzioni, the chief executive of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, a nonprofit research laboratory that was founded in 2014 by Paul Allen, the Microsoft co-founder.

"There has long been a dream of using A.I. to help with scientific discovery, and now the question is, can we do that?"


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