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Your Sweaty Fingertips Could Help Power the Next Generation of Wearable Electronics

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Fingertip sensors.

University of California, San Diego researchers have developed wearable sensors powered by sweat.

Credit: Science

The small beads of sweat your fingertips produce while you sleep could power wearable sensors that measure glucose, vitamin C, or other health indicators. That's the promise of a new advance—a thin, flexible device that wraps around fingertips like a Band-Aid—that its creators say is the most efficient sweat-powered energy harvester yet.  

"The ability to harvest tiny amounts of sweat from the fingertips is really unique," says Roozbeh Ghaffari, a biomedical engineer at Northwestern University who was not involved with the work.

Researchers around the world are currently developing wearable sensors to measure anything from a runner's acceleration to a diabetic's glucose levels.

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