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The Great Quantum Computing Race

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The inner workings of a quantum computer.

The quantum computing race is heating up among nations, as well as between different organizations.

Credit: Wired

Quantum computing is heating up, as a growing number of entities race to benchmark, stabilize, and ultimately commercialize this technology.

As of July 2021, a group from China appears to have taken the lead in terms of raw performance, but Google, IBM, Intel and other quantum computer developers aren't far behind. All of that could change overnight, though. At this point, it's too early to declare a winner in quantum computing, a technology that promises to outperform today's conventional supercomputers.

Today, Google, IBM and others have built the first wave of quantum computers, but these systems are still in the early stages and aren't yet running any useful commercial applications — yet. Nevertheless, there is noticeable progress with quantum computing, which is different than today's systems.


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