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I Am Not a Robot: iOS Verification Update Marks End of 'Captchas'

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Captchas are the little tests you sometimes see when signing up to a website to help stop fraud. A new feature in upcoming versions of iOS and macOS promises to eliminate captchas once and for all.

Credit: Jorge Perez/Alamy

n annoyance, an important security feature, an uncomfortable existential request: however you feel about being asked to prove you are not a robot, it has become a daily occurrence for most of us, but perhaps not one we would miss.

A new feature in the upcoming versions of iOS and macOS, Apple's operating systems for iPhones and computers, promises to give the boot to "captchas" once and for all. Called "automatic verification", the technology will allow sites to verify you are not a robot without you having to do anything at all.

From The Guardian
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