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Google's New Tool Turns Bard into a Code Wizard

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Google notes that Bard might make mistakes when writing code, so it’s highly recommended to review the code.


Although AI is intended to replace humans wherever feasible in all fields, at this stage, it is clearly concentrating on certain activities. The first rows of the list are devoted to programming. Microsoft has already included GPT-4 into a number of its tools that assist programmers in writing scripts more quickly and precisely. It's now Google's turn. Recently, we discovered that Google's Bard chatbot can assist with programming issues.

As Google said, many users had been asking for the ability to develop, debug and explain code. So they decided to give Bard those skills. C++, Java, Python and JavaScript are just some of the 20 programming languages Bard can now write in. Apart from this, Google Bard can export code to Colab, Google's cloud-based Python notebook environment, and help users create functions for Sheets. This is a clear hint that Google will integrate it with other Google products in the near future.

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