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How the Internet Is Changing Language

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Rick Astley

Rickrolling is the redirection of a Website address to a video of popstar Rick Astley from 1987.

BBC News

"To Google" has become a universally understood verb, and many countries are developing their own Internet slang. But is the Web changing language, and is everyone up to speed?

In April 2010 the informal online banter of the Internet-savvy collided with the traditional and austere language of the court room.

Christopher Poole, founder of anarchic image message board 4Chan, had been called to testify during the trial of the man accused of hacking into U.S. politician Sarah Palin's email account.

During the questioning he was asked to define a catalogue of Internet slang that would be familiar to many online, but which was seemingly lost on the lawyers.

At one point during the exchange, Mr Poole was asked to define "rickrolling."

From BBC News
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