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Hrp-4 Robot Can Strike a Pose, Pour Drinks

HRP-4 humanoid robot

Demonstrations have shown how HRP bots can be useful around the house.

Credit: AIST

Japan has added another soldier to its humanoid robot army. The HRP-4 is the latest edition in the state-backed humanoid project. It's leaner, lighter, and can balance itself with yogic ease.

Developed by bridge builder Kawada Industries and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), the HRP-4 can stand on one leg, track faces and objects, and respond to voice commands.

HRP-4 sports a RoboCop look, but it's more C-3PO. Designed under the theme of a "slim athlete," it weighs a mere 86 pounds including battery. It stands nearly 5 feet tall and has 34 moving joints, with seven in each arm, as well as fingers than can move more precisely than earlier HRP models. Each arm has a load capacity of about 1 pound.

View a video of of HRP-4 introducing itself, showing off moves such as standing on one leg, and tracking a man's face.

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