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New Research Improves Ability to Detect Malware in Cloud-Computing Systems

North Carolina State University (NCSU) researchers have developed HyperSentry, software that offers enhanced security for cloud computing systems.

HyperSentry is better at detecting viruses and other malware in the "hypervisors" that are crucial to cloud computing, the researchers say. Hypervisors programs create the virtual workspace that enables different systems to run in isolation from each other. HyperSentry enables cloud administrators to measure the integrity of hypervisors in run time. "The concern is that an attacker could compromise a hypervisor, giving them control of the cloud," says NCSU professor Peng Ning.

As soon as an infected hypervisor is detected, a cloud administrator can take action, such as shutting down the computer, performing additional investigations to identify the scope of the problem, and limiting how far the damage can spread. "HyperSentry solves two problems," Ning says. "It measures hypervisor integrity in a stealthy way, and it does so in the context of the hypervisor."

From North Carolina State University
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