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One Program to Watch Them All: DARPA

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The Pentagon’s surveillance net is massive. But it was holes and seams. Spy drone videos and communications intercepts may be aimed at the same target. Analysts have a hard time flipping easily from one kind of intel to the other, however—allowing those targets to get away.

So the military is working on an out-there idea to fix the problem: a single mega-system that pulls together and analyzes all every kind of intel you can imagine. If it works as planned, it’ll be a whole lot harder to slip through that Pentagon net.

No surprise that Darpa, the military’s blue-sky research arm, is the agency behind the lofty five-year program, called Insight. The agency’s goal is to replace "largely manual exploitation and…chat-based operator interactions" with a system that mines different inputs, including drone footage and on-the-ground intel, and quickly stitches together the data to identify potential threats.

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