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An edited collection of advanced computing news from Communications of the ACM, ACM TechNews, other ACM resources, and news sites around the Web.

From ACM News

Military Testing Afghan Language Translation Mobiles For U.s. Troops

"How can we communicate?" the alien being asks Captain James Kirk in a vintage edition of Star Trek. "My thoughts ... you are hearing them? This is interesting."...

Supreme Court: 'business Method' and Software Patents Ok
From ACM News

Supreme Court: 'business Method' and Software Patents Ok

This morning, the Supreme Court decided the long-running Bilski case on business method patents--a case with broad applicability to software patents. As expected...

From ACM News

Cyber War: Microsoft a Weak Link in National Security

"Microsoft has vast resources, literally billions of dollars in cash, or liquid assets reserves. Microsoft is an incredibly successful empire built on the premise...

From ACM TechNews

Recommendation Algorithm Wants to Show You Something New

An international group of researchers have developed a new algorithm for recommender systems designed to address the challenge of diversity when making recommendations...

From ACM TechNews

Tim Berners-Lee Launches 'www Foundation' at Igf 2009

Sir Tim Berners-Lee used the recent Internet Governance Forum to announce the launch of the World Wide Web Foundation, which he says will be an incubator for transformative...

From ACM CareerNews

ACM Wants Computer Science in on Obama's K-12 Education Plan

The Association for Computing Machinery has called on the incoming Obama Administration to re-think the way that computer science is taught in the K-12 public education...
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