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Artificial Intelligence and the Adversary

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The potential benefits of artificial intelligence are proclaimed loudly, for all to hear. But we should know by now that advanced technology can also be used for ill.

A fierce contest between the U.S. and China is under way over who will dominate this new frontier. Beijing already hoards vast quantities of data about its own 1.4 billion people, none of whom have privacy rights under the Communist regime.

Beijing has turned its sights on the U.S. and has already exfiltrated some of the most sensitive information on the American people and military. These include repeated breaches since 2013 of medical systems and databases, and the decadelong targeting of the U.S. Navy's ship-maintenance records and the names and personal details of 100,000 of its personnel.

In time, through artificial intelligence, China will be able to use Americans' data against us.

From The Wall Street Journal
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