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The World Is Running Out of Microchips—Here's the Solution

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Illustration showing construction workers building microchips in a futuristic city

The crisis has seen nations and companies around the world scrambling to establish more chip-building capacity.

The microchip shortage has shone a light on an industry whose products have become ubiquitous and essential, leaving many to conclude that it is due a fundamental overhaul. For critics, the stranglehold on the market of just a few firms acts as a brake on innovation and increases the industry's vulnerability to disruption.

Some big names are now backing an alternative model—taking the collaborative, open source principles that have changed the way software is written and applying them to chips. For its proponents, it is only a matter of time before this becomes the new standard.

But when the chips are down, does it have what it takes—and what does it mean for us?

From New Scientist
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