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The Metaverse Will Require Computing Tech No One Knows How to Build

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An illustration shows layers of chips.

The metaverse hinges on our ability to build the chips, data centers, and networking equipment needed to deliver the computing horsepower required. And at the moment, we cannot.

Credit: Christopher T. Fong/Protocol

Over the past six months, a disconnect has formed between the way corporate America talks about the dawning concept of the metaverse and its plausibility, based on the nature of the computing power that will be necessary to achieve it. To get there will require immense innovation, similar to the multi-decade effort to shrink personal computers to the size of an iPhone.

The technology necessary to power the metaverse, however, does not exist. It will not exist next year. It will not exist in 2026. The technology might not exist in 2032, though it is likely we will have a few ideas about designing and manufacturing chips that could turn Mark Zuckerberg's fever dreams into reality by then.

From Protocol
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