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Artificial General Intelligence Is Not as Imminent as You Might Think

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Illustration of a brain has a microchip at its center, from which emanates a network of signals.

We are still stuck on the same challenges that academic scientists have been pointing out for years: getting AI to be reliable and able to cope with unusual circumstances.

Credit: Alfred Pasieka/Science Photo Library/Getty Images

To the average person, it must seem as if the field of artificial intelligence (AI) is making immense progress. One of DeepMind's high-level executives even went so far as to say that in the quest for artificial general intelligence (AGI), "...the game is over." And Elon Musk recently said that he would be surprised if we did not achieve AGI by 2029.

Do not be fooled. Machines may someday be as smart as people, and perhaps even smarter, but the game is far from over. There is still an immense amount of work to be done in making machines that truly can comprehend and reason about the world around them. What we really need right now is less posturing and more basic research.

From Scientific American

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