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Why Can't Tech Fix Its Gender Problem?

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Woman programmer works with code superimposed over the foreground.

One striking thing about today’s activists, organizers, and whistle­blowers is that nearly all of them are female, gender-nonconforming, or queer.

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Despite tech's great wealth and loudly self-proclaimed corporate commitments to the rights of women, LGBTQ+ people, and racial minorities, the sector remains mostly a straight, white man's world. Much of the burden for changing the system has been placed on women themselves: They are exhorted to learn to code, major in STEM, and become more self-assertive.

But while the tech industry loves to talk about how it is changing the world, retrograde, gendered patterns and habits have long fueled tech's extraordinary money-making machine. Breaking out of them might ultimately be the most innovative move of all.

From MIT Technology Review
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