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The Dmca Is Endangering American Security

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I've had the government's 60-day Cyberspace Policy Review sitting on my desk for many days now, dutifully highlighted and marked up with notes. And I see one gigantic self-inflicted wound that I fear the current administration will ignore like the last two have. The cybersecurity review says we need to improve academic and industry collaboration on cybersecurity and other technology issues. It also states we should "expand university curricula; and set the conditions to create a competent workforce for the digital age."

What the cybersecurity review should have said is, "We are raising a nation of timid technophobes who mistake using MyTwitFace for being a geek. Meanwhile, we have comprehensively, at every educational level, stripped away useful teaching tools and criminalized modes of research and inquiry in the name of copyright and liability laws, and sooner rather than later we are going to reap the whirlwind."

Or, putting it simply: We made ourselves stupid and now we must pay.

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