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The Research archive provides access to all Research articles published in past issues of Communications of the ACM.

February 2016

From Communications of the ACM

Technical Perspective: Catching Lies (and Mistakes) in Offloaded Computation

The system described in "Pinocchio: Nearly Practical Verifiable Computation" refines an important theoretical advance by Gennaro et al. Together, these two works represent a dramatic improvement in speed, generality, and functionality…

From Communications of the ACM

Technical Perspective: Program Synthesis Using Stochastic Techniques

The authors of "Stochastic Program Optimization" have developed a stochastic search technique and applied it to program optimization.

From Communications of the ACM

Stochastic Program Optimization

Stochastic Program Optimization

By encoding constraints of transformation correctness as terms in a cost function, and using a Markov Chain Monte Carlo sampler to explore the space of all possible code sequences, we are able to generate aggressively optimized…

From Communications of the ACM

Pinocchio: Nearly Practical Verifiable Computation


We introduce Pinocchio, a built system for efficiently verifying general computations while relying only on cryptographic assumptions.